Course Portfolio

Business English -- Clear, precise, powerful communication is the foundation for success. Bring your spoken and written English to the highest level to maintain your advantage in a variety of business transactions on the international stage.

Intercultural Training -- Going global requires you to learn about and implement a new layer of skills. Build intercultural awareness to keep things harmonious and productive. Learn what constitutes proper business etiquette in different markets. >>more

Effective Presentations -- Add punch to your English presentations in substance and style. Learn how to tailor your presentations to an international audience and put the best face of your company on the global stage. You will walk away with ready-to-use phrases, ideas and strategies and will gain confidence through practice. >>more

Successful Negotiations -- Negotiating in a foreign language is a special challenge. Learn how to stay focused on your goals and to create a win-win deal through effective communication, key bargaining strategies and a self-assured presentation.

Conflict Management -- Conflicts between team members have the potential to derail important projects. Learn strategies for effectively navigating your way through specific conflicts and for fostering positive overall communication moving forward.